of 11 March - 13 March 2016 in the Old Stock Exchange

All kinds of art on egg at Leipziger Eierlei
In a mecca for lovers Easter is from the 11th-13th March 2016 again the Old Stock Exchange on aftermarket each of 10 - 18 o'clock. It is fascinating to see what the 34 exhibitors from Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Serbia and the UK will present the 22nd International Easter eggs Stock Exchange.
With fine brushes, hot wax, acute dental drills and other tools they are tireless efforts to manage the delicate egg shells art and visionary. In the small artworks stuck for hours, or even weeks of passionate work. Sometimes they are as small as a Snail egg, times the size of an ostrich egg - in between there are many things, such as a goose egg, a porcelain-like duck egg or a dark green egg from Emu. All these are the canvas for a very special art. Who by the impressive exhibition of traditional Easter market, organized by Kerstin Dischereit, strolling, walking gingerly on the stands with 8,000 fragile structures over, she admires and delights in her beauty.
originate from Poland Dyed eggs and silhouettes, from the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia is the straw, scratching and bins Mark technique, while in Hungary eggs with metal decorated or perforated by etching. With Gabriella Szutor and Tünde Csuhaji two absolute top artists will be represented in Leipzig this year. Katalin Krizanj creates in different color layers and shades wild animals in watercolor painting on the egg. A very steady hand required Jovica Mirosavic from Serbia. He is a dentist's drill to quasi eggshell carver. Through additional lighting his works become veritable highlights.
The creativity and the different egg decoration are almost no limits. Kerstin Dischereit itself shows in addition to their well-known art collection and the delicate sculptures first eggs in 3D Resinpainting. To this end, eggs are cut open and filled with several layers of resin, which in turn are painted so that the animals look like very realistic and plastic at the end. Daniela Mirke sets small paper theater in a cutaway eggshells so look very classy. This also applies to the art of Diana Dischereit. The artist decorates the eggs with glittering thread artwork, needlework technique that she met through cards embroidery and has completely redefined on the egg. For this year's exhibition, she has some eggs even transforms into shoes and presents a unique collection. Waltraud Frischeisen, a veteran of egg painting scene and also the first time in Leipzig there has also prescribed for many years the egg art. They designed eggs in oil painting dates to the very great artists such as Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci, painted just like in the style of naive painting as very modern geometric pattern, or decorated egg interesting collages.
Anyone still looking for the perfect Easter gift to his liking, so can certainly be able to find, and one is clear after a stroll through the market each: Now come Easter.


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When held for the 22. time traditional Easter market in the Old Stock Exchange at the Naschmarkt behind the Old Town Hall, hundreds of exhibits in unique colors, shapes and techniques can be admired . The precious unique and informative interviews with the artists about their production can be seen on all 3 days of 10 - Experience 18 clock itself . There is also the possibility of same to purchase one or the other Easter gift. The visit is worthwhile in every respect. When the eggs shown beyond 8000 , the cup to the screen. The "Leipziger EIERLEI " offers a bit of everything again . Old Customs is at the center , but also modern designed eggs, which are now highly sought-after collector's items are , attract visitors under its spell.


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